"... Net art loves old art is a page collecting
digital simulations of ‘old’ art..."

                       -------------------> LOVES

                    PreloadingCanaletto ------> Mauro Ceolin LOVES Canaletto

                          Violet Rabbit -----> Coniglioviola LOVES Duchamp

             history of art for airport ---------> Vuk Cosic LOVES history of art

                    guernica [cover up] ------------> devoid LOVES Picasso

                         errata erratum ---------> DJ Spooky LOVES Duchamp

                UNTITLED HTML PAINTINGS -------------> e.g.ø LOVES Paintings
 ------> Mary Lucking LOVES Magritte

                     tribute to Fontana --------------> Lunk LOVES Fontana

            ----> Miltos Manetas LOVES Jackson Pollock

        Omaggio a Felix Gonzalez-Torres - > Domenico Olivero LOVES Gonzalez-Torres

                   a tribute to ballard -------------> Punck LOVES Ballard

            --> Rafael Rozendaal LOVES Lichtenstein

                        Four Mona Lisas ----> Eryk Salvaggio LOVES Duchamp

            Campbell's Tomato Soup 1968 --------> Supertotto LOVES Warhol

722 metri di linea nera su fondo bianco -----> Tommaso Tozzi LOVES Manzoni

                          living mobile -> Martin Wattenberg LOVES Calder

                        brotherofvelvet -----> John White C. LOVES Brueghel

                                uneLink -------------> Yariv LOVES Magritte

              UpDating JJ (Three Flags) -------> Carlo Zanni LOVES Jasper Johns

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